• My Top Ten Favorite Fonts

    Hello my people! Today I am sharing my top ten favorite fonts – these are fonts I have used in my blog posts as well as my logo at the top of my page.  Fonts are such a fun way to express yourself and your brand; every time I see a great blog post or a magazine spread that catches my eye, I am wondering what fonts they used (lol I am such a nerd but whatev) and intrigued by how they paired different fonts together.  Maybe this is my geeky graphic design side coming out, but they make me so excited! Anyways, I hope that you enjoy these and…

  • Pretty in Pink

    Sweater // White Jeans // Shoes Pink… one of my most favorite colors ever. I’d say a good chunk of my wardrobe is pink or has at least something pink in it.  That’s why Valentines day is my favorite “holiday” to dress up for! (Don’t get that confused with my favorite holiday in general… Christmas & Halloween all the way lol).  Valentines day gives you an excuse to dress head to toe in pink/red and I couldn’t love it more!  Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s a little silly to dedicate a specific day for your s/o… why can’t you show them love and appreciation every day of…

  • Weird Weather & A Warm Sweater

      Sweater Happy Monday, babes! January in Columbia, South Carolina has its own mind when it comes to weather.  One day you’ll be wearing a sweater with booties, and the next you’re wearing a sundress with a pair of sandals you just bought for your beach trip in April. It’s crazy!  This sweater has come in handy for these temp. swings – it can easily be paired with a simple pair of jeans or a trendy skirt (like this) for warmer weather. Even better… my sweater is on sale right now for under $40!

  • Bedroom Decor

    Hey y’all! Happy Saturday and happy 2018! My winter break is almost over and I am about to move back into my apartment in Columbia, so I thought it would be a great idea to a little “French-Country Bedroom Reveal”.  I posted the photo above of my bed awhile back on my Tumblr and Pinterest and had so many questions about where everything was from, so alas, here it is! PS – French Country is my fav style ever.  I am high-key obsessed with Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines, so any way I can mimic her style in my bedroom I 100% will 🙂