• Gift Guide for Her 2017

    Happy almost Thanksgiving!  November and December are my two of my most favorite months and I can’t wait for all of the festivities.  Tonight my neighbors and I are having a Friendsgiving dinner and I can’t wait.  T-minus 2 hours until I get to stuff my face with delicious food and have a great time with family and friends! As we all know (or I hope you know) Black Friday is coming up in three freaking days and I’m super excited to buy everyone their Christmas gifts! To be honest, I really don’t like waiting in line and the super crowded stores give me a little bit too much anxiety.…

  • Spring Closet Essentials

      Columbia weather has been so crazy lately! It snowed on Sunday and then was 70 degrees outside yesterday… someone please explain to me how that is possible.  My closet is a mess trying to find different outfits for all of these weather changes!