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essential oil diffuser

Doterra Diffuser


One of my most favorite things to do after a long day of classes and hanging out with friends is to turn all of my lights off in my room, shut my blinds, and turn my diffuser on. I get so tense and stressed throughout the day (being a sophomore in college does that to you lol) and all I want when I get home is to relax and clear my mind of things. The sound of the diffuser reminds me of being in a spa with a small waterfall trickling down right beside me and it gives me a chance to unwind and get back to being my usual self. One of my favorite essential oils to use is lavender and it actually smells so soooooo good if you mix it with lemon and peppermint. Like. Wow. It’s a great way to keep your room smelling great too without having to burn a candle!! My mom swears by hers and she used to tell me all the time that specific oils would help me feel better when I was sick or or tired, etc. I never really believed her (because who really listens to their mom the first time am I right??) but she got me one back in September and I am literally. obsessed. I truly have noticed a difference in how I’ve felt this school year and up until four days ago (thank you flu!!) I hadn’t even gotten sick… which is like a never for me because my immune system is terrible and I get sick all the frickin time. Anyways, I know this isn’t a very entertaining blog post or something about cute clothing or great makeup or anything, but I thought I would share because this has become one of my staples! Hope y’all decide to try one out 🙂
PS- this is not sponsored lol I just really love love love my diffuser… oops 🙂

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