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Top // Jeans // Soludos

Last week while I was visiting Sara in Greenville (SC), we went to Artisphere in downtown.  I can honestly say that it made me fall in love with Greenville all over again!  There was live music, art… obviously, food trucks, and beer and wine tasting.  It was perfect weather and being with my best friend in one of my favorite cities made it such a great weekend!  The food trucks were my favorite part… they had popcorn food trucks, ice cream trucks, and any and all kinds of foods you can think of.  We ended up going to get Mexican because we were all craving it, but tbh I don’t know when I’m not craving Mexican food lol! If you are ever in the Greenville area (I think they also have it in GA too) during Artisphere I would definitely recommend going; it’s an experience everyone should have!

I decided to wear my new Loft top to walk around downtown in because it is so classic and comfortable.  It has two bows that tie in the back and I just die for it!  I also wore a pair of my dark jeans from Gap because it was chilly outside and they feel like you’re wearing pajama pants!  I just ordered these Soludos recently because of how adorable they are.  They are so preppy and cute and I just can’t get enough.  Definitely a great shoe to walk around in.

After we were done with Artisphere (it started raining… boo) we decided to go pick up some Krispy Kreme donuts and go back home for a movie night.  It was such a great weekend with my favorite person and I cannot wait to go back! Greenville, you have my heart 🙂


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