Best BUDS!

Although I have an internship this summer and I am nannying, I still have a lot of free time on my hands! I normally scroll through Pinterest during my free time to get ideas for outfits, room decor, and recipes.  Recently, I’ve become obsessed with succulents/cactuses because I see them all over the place on clothing and as room decor! I decided to stop by Lowes on my way back from my internship one night and picked up these adorable plants. I got a succulent, flowering cactus, and aloe; they are the perfect accessory if you have empty space in your room you need to fill up. You only have to water them once every other week so they’re extremely easy to take care of. These plants need constant sunlight so I just put them on my window sill or on my dresser and they get all they need! I would especially recommend college students to get these because they can easily turn a boring apartment into a cozy living space. Some of the best places to buy succulents are:

Lowes // Home Depot // World Market // West Elm // Williams-Sonoma


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