4 Best Summertime Candles



Candles are some of my favorite things to have around during the summer months.  They can make your home smell so fresh and clean and are great for mood lighting when all you want is a movie night in!

  1. My top favorite candle at the moment is by Ella B. Candles and is locally made in Charlotte. The little bee on the front of the candle is so adorable and is one of the reasons why it’s my fav!  Unfortunately, it isn’t for sale anywhere else but the scent is Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang (aka a super clean and somewhat girly scent).  Some similar ones are here and here.
  2. My next favorite is the Altar’d State signature scent candle.  It smells almost like a men’s cologne or a musky women’s perfume (which usually aren’t my favorite smells), but this one I die for! I have it in the room spray as well and just can’t get enough. This candle is perfect for a birthday gift for one of your besties or one to just keep in your room.  This is the room spray which pairs great with the candle, so if you don’t like candles, this spray will be your new bff.
  3. Next is my Anthropologie candle that my sweet boyfriend got me! It smells exactly like freshly picked peaches and always reminds me of summer every time I smell it.  It’s very strong so you can light it for 5 mins and your whole room will be filled with the scent, but that’s what I love about it!  A little bit goes a long way so this candle will last you forever … and I promise the peach scent will never get old! Some similar scented candles are here and here.
  4. My final candle on my list is the White Barn bergamot mint candle. First off – it’s half off right now so go get it while you can!! $12.25 for a 3-wick candle is such a great deal, so I personally got two (does that defeat the purpose of half off? probably. do I really care though? nah.) It smells so delicious I can’t even begin to describe it.  It’s like a yummy cologne mixed with a clean house and a summer night … that sounds pretty weird and gross but I promise it is delish! Plus, the outside is a white marble so it looks great in any room 🙂


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