Pink Butterfly Blouse

Top (sold out but similar) // Jeans // Sandals // Watch // Ring (in Chalcedony, but this is a discontinued color!)

One of my favorite things to wear is a shirt that is loose, comfy, and looks put together without really putting anything together! That’s why this Anthropologie shirt has quickly become my most favorite blouse that I own.  While shopping around the sale section of Anthro the other day, I found this gem on sale for $65… normally I would think that’s a tad expensive for a shirt that’s slightly see through. BUT Y’ALL. It was originally $180, so naturally I had to buy it because who could give up that great of a deal, right? I also found out that it was an extra 20% off at the register, so you could say my day was the best ever.  I also picked up this cute grey tee from Anthro and this perfume (in the scent surf) that smells like a beachy, summer night!

My Tory Burch millers are also one of my summer staples.  They go well with any outfit (I also have the brown ones) and are super comfortable.  I will say, the ones that aren’t (I want to say slippery and shiny.. I don’t really know the word for it?) smooth, like the raw leather ones, do lose their color easily where your foot sits if you wear them a lot. However, I’ve had these for almost 2 years now and they still look great!

My white jeans can be bought here, and are one of my favorite pairs.  They’re high-waisted and look so cute with seersucker or gingham.  I normally wear them out to dinner just because white jeans in the summer get my legs SO HOT and I enjoy lighter weight shorts or a cute dress a little more.


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