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Pretty In Pink - Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration for Dates with Your s/o or for Your Gals!

Pretty in Pink

Sweater // White Jeans // Shoes

Pink… one of my most favorite colors ever. I’d say a good chunk of my wardrobe is pink or has at least something pink in it.  That’s why Valentines day is my favorite “holiday” to dress up for! (Don’t get that confused with my favorite holiday in general… Christmas & Halloween all the way lol).  Valentines day gives you an excuse to dress head to toe in pink/red and I couldn’t love it more!  Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s a little silly to dedicate a specific day for your s/o… why can’t you show them love and appreciation every day of the year?! Buuuuut I am always up for celebrating the people I love & could never pass up conversation heart candy, so here we are. 

As for my outfit, I decided to go with a more “please let it be spring soon” outfit.  Who says you can’t wear white jeans in January if it’s already hitting 60 degrees! Both my sweater and jeans are great staple pieces – easy to dress up or dress down.  I am quickly realizing that those types of pieces are my favorite.  I love a good casual look for day time, but I want to be able to glam it up at night!  With this outfit, you can pair it with some chunky heels, a red lip, and bold earrings and you’re good to go for date night!


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