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My Top Ten Favorite Fonts -

My Top Ten Favorite Fonts

Hello my people! Today I am sharing my top ten favorite fonts – these are fonts I have used in my blog posts as well as my logo at the top of my page.  Fonts are such a fun way to express yourself and your brand; every time I see a great blog post or a magazine spread that catches my eye, I am wondering what fonts they used (lol I am such a nerd but whatev) and intrigued by how they paired different fonts together.  Maybe this is my geeky graphic design side coming out, but they make me so excited! Anyways, I hope that you enjoy these and are able to use them in future blog posts, magazine spreads, projects, or whatever else. I have linked them all down below so that you can download them! 

ps – happy monday!


autumn in november // trendsetter // magnolia sky // hands down // afanan // simplicity // albret // potatoes and peas // sugar style millennial // king basil

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