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Twenty Two Facts For My 22nd -

Twenty Two Facts For My 22nd

Happy Monday loves! Today is my birthday, and I am officially 22 (aka it’s my Taylor Swift year and I will be playing 22 all day long hehe)! I feel like 22 is where you begin to dread your birthdays, or at least most people do, because you have passed most of your “fun” milestones. Milestones such as becoming a teenager, being able to drive, becoming a legal adult, and then being able to legally drink.  For me personally, I don’t know why people start dreading their birthdays after 21, because I am always excited for some celebrating! Getting older just means that you are reaching new points in your life where you’ll have different goals, and that gets me so excited!

For today, I decided to write a blog post on “22 facts for my 22nd”. I’m not doing this because I think you are soooo interested in my life (because let’s be honest it’s not that exciting lol) but I thought it would be a fun and ~different~ kind of blog post to do, so here we go:

1.My nickname is “SaySay”  – my family has called me that since I was little and it has always stuck. I love it!

2.I used to think I would be so happy to graduate college, and don’t get me wrong I am incredibly excited to start working (weird), but coming into my last semester I am actually so sad. I’ve come to realize that none of my close friends will be living in the same state I’ll be living in, and my life will be vastly different once I graduate. Again, I am so excited for new beginnings! But the reality of leaving a lot of my friends is quite sad for me.

3.I am a Christian. I don’t talk a bunch about it on my blog but want to start incorporating it more. I’m not sure how yet, but it is a goal of 2019!

4. My favorite color is pink!

5. I’ve wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember, but can’t handle other peoples pain or seeing blood, so no nursing for me 🙁

6. BUT since I do love healthcare, I really really want to work in the digital marketing field of a health care industry.

7. Digital marketing (besides healthcare) is what I’m passionate about – all things graphic design, social media, and data analytics!

8.My finger was severed when I was younger (like 6 o 7 I can’t remember…). Luckily, they were able to sew it back on but it definitely does not look normal lol.

9. I come from a pretty small family – one sister and four cousins total! I was blessed to have my great-grandparents live up until just a few years ago, so my whole life I’ve had 6-7 grandparents alive. I wouldn’t trade that time with them for a single thing – they were such wonderful people and great role models. 

10. I’m allergic to Christmas trees… yep. I said it. ALLERGIC! Even the Christmas tree scented candles make my throat hurt, but I light them anyways and deal with a sore throat because I love the smell.

11. Yoga is my absolute favorite way to unwind. I haven’t been able to do it as often as I would like in college, but one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to start going weekly again!

12. I am highly introverted.

13. I love having plants in my room. They seem to make the space happier! I currently have a small cactus and an aloe plant on my desk and side table.

14. Apparently, my top artist of 2018 was Troye Sivan. I became obsessed with his music at the beginning of the year and can’t stop listening! I tend to listen to all kinds of artists, so I don’t have one favorite, but he is definitely in my top ten. 

15. I have a shopping problem, truly. This partially fueled me starting a blog, but when I get bored all I do is online shop. Oops

16. I am lactose intolerant (is this too personal hmmm?) but frickin love cheese so you can see my dilemma. I try to avoid it during the week days and treat myself over the weekends but it is so hard to stay away!

17. My favorite Christmas movie is 100% Elf, followed by The Holiday, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and then Home Alone.

18. I could spend hours watching Youtube videos.

19. I love learning about psychology and conspiracy theories. My guilty pleasure!!! Even though I think 90% of the consipracy theories are fake, I love to listen to other people’s opinions on things.

20. I am obsessed with Chick Fil A sweet tea.

21. I want to be a young(ish) mom – 26 maybe. I adore little kiddos!

22. And alas, if you have made it this far – I love and appreciate you all! That is a fact!


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