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Hi, friends. Long time no see – we made it to Friday wohoo! Today I’m sharing some new products I’ve been trying out in my skincare routine … products that make your skin SO SOFT!! I honestly haven’t changed my skincare routine in forever. I typically stay with the same products because my skin is so sensitive and I’m always afraid to try new things. I decided to take the plunge with these skincare items from Moon Mag because they’re all natural, and Freda, the owner, has amaaaazing skin!

Before I get into how much these products have helped my skin, I want to give a few details on my skin type. 

My Skin Type

My skin is mostly combination. It gets very very dry in the winter (with it getting oily around my nose) and a little more on the oily side in the summer. I used to have problems with breakouts about 10 years ago but was able to clean it up by drinking a lot of water and changing my diet. I still get small bumps every now and then that are hormonal, but for the most part, I am just dealing with sensitive, combination skin. The sensitive side of my skin reacts to just about every new product I use, which is why I never stray from my typical skincare routine. However, after trying these products there is absolutely no way I’m going back to any skincare that isn’t all natural!

MoonMag Organic Skincare Products – Daily Routine

I’ve used Moon Mag’s products for a little bit over two weeks now and have seriously seen a difference in my skin. It’s softer, less sensitive, and I have no problem with dryness. 

Step One of this product line is the Mighty Milk Cleanser. I have the lavender one and oh my!! It makes my whole bathroom smell delish. It is 100% the best makeup remover I’ve come across and leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and soft.

Step Two is the Lavender Mask. I don’t use this every night, mainly because I don’t always have time, but when I do I can tell a difference in how plump and tight my skin feels. Again, it smells absolutely amazing and you really can’t go wrong purchasing this one!

Step Three is the Exfoliating Coffee Scrub! The first time I read that this was for your face, I was slightly skeptical. I was scared it was going to leave my face a little raw, but I found the trick is to scrub lightly when using this product. It does a great job of getting the dead skin off and detoxing. An honest must have in your skincare routine for a few reasons, but the main being that most other exfoliators out on the market give your skin micro abrasions when using them and can actually cause damage instead of benefitting you.  If there is anything you purchase from this line, the coffee scrub is a must!!

Step Four is the final step, which is the Face + Eye Cream. This moisturizer does wonders for dry skin. It’s non-greasy which is my favorite part about it – it’s so hard nowadays to find a good and natural moisturizer that doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky and greasy!


If you’re in need of high quality, all natural products, I definitely recommend MoonMag Organic Skincare. Freda, the owner, is also incredibly knowledgable on skincare and all things health so make sure to check them out on Instagram as well!


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