My Favorite Fonts (part two)

Fonts: Tokyo | Sydney | Windsong | Rome | Manhattan | Modena | Sherin Brush Script | Naive Deco Sans | Something Cool | Didot

Hello & Happy Sunday! I started a “favorite fonts” series a while back on my blog and figured it was time to update it (two years later)! 

Most of these fonts are from Jen Wagner Co. – aka my favorite girl on Creative Market! She is incredibly talented, and most of her fonts include a few logo templates and graphics. Creative Market is typically where I find most of my fonts, and although they do cost $$ they are well worth it. If I’m not getting fonts from there, I typically will go to 1001 Free Fonts or any other free font website to download them! I guess you could say I have a slight “font addiction” because I love collecting them 😂Anyways, hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave a comment down below on what your favorite font is to use!

Link to my previous Favorite Fonts (that are all free BTW!)


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