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  • Weird Weather & A Warm Sweater

      Sweater Happy Monday, babes! January in Columbia, South Carolina has its own mind when it comes to weather.  One day you’ll be wearing a sweater with booties, and the next you’re wearing a sundress with a pair of sandals you just bought for your beach trip in April. It’s crazy!  This sweater has come in handy for these temp. swings – it can easily be paired with a simple pair of jeans or a trendy skirt (like this) for warmer weather. Even better… my sweater is on sale right now for under $40!

  • Bedroom Decor

    Hey y’all! Happy Saturday and happy 2018! My winter break is almost over and I am about to move back into my apartment in Columbia, so I thought it would be a great idea to a little “French-Country Bedroom Reveal”.  I posted the photo above of my bed awhile back on my Tumblr and Pinterest and had so many questions about where everything was from, so alas, here it is! PS – French Country is my fav style ever.  I am high-key obsessed with Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines, so any way I can mimic her style in my bedroom I 100% will 🙂

  • Gift Guide for Her 2017

    Happy almost Thanksgiving!  November and December are my two of my most favorite months and I can’t wait for all of the festivities.  Tonight my neighbors and I are having a Friendsgiving dinner and I can’t wait.  T-minus 2 hours until I get to stuff my face with delicious food and have a great time with family and friends! As we all know (or I hope you know) Black Friday is coming up in three freaking days and I’m super excited to buy everyone their Christmas gifts! To be honest, I really don’t like waiting in line and the super crowded stores give me a little bit too much anxiety.…